In Episode 39 of our series, we’re thrilled to have a special guest, Owen Deboer, Derek’s son, join us to share his unique perspective on growing up as a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member. For 19 years, Owen’s vacations have been centered around the magic of DVC, and he offers an insightful look into what it’s like to have a childhood filled with Disney adventures. Owen discusses his favorite resort, his dream splurge vacation choice, and whether he would consider joining DVC as an adult with his future family.

Being a DVC Member Your Whole Life

The episode kicks off with an engaging discussion on what it means to be a lifelong DVC member. We delve into the benefits and experiences that come with having access to Disney’s incredible resorts and amenities from childhood through adulthood. Owen’s story is a testament to the joy and lasting memories that DVC membership can bring to a family.

Around the World of DVC

DVC Resale Market Promotions and ROFR Update:

We also discussed the latest promotions from the DVC Resale Market, offering fantastic opportunities for both new and existing members. Our update on Right of First Refusal (ROFR) provided crucial information for those looking to buy or sell their DVC contracts, ensuring our viewers are well-informed about current market trends.

Save Up to 75% with DVC Rental Store

Another exciting topic covered in this episode was the potential savings available through the DVC Rental Store. By renting out DVC points, members and guests can save up to 75% off Disney’s direct pricing, making deluxe resort stays more accessible and affordable.

2025 & 2026 Disney Cruise Line Itineraries

We unveiled the newly released Disney Cruise Line itineraries for 2025 and 2026. These itineraries include exciting destinations and unique experiences, perfect for planning future magical vacations on the high seas.

Preparing for Epic Universe

As Universal prepares to launch Epic Universe, we discussed what DVC members can expect and how to prepare for this highly anticipated addition to the theme park world. This segment provided valuable insights for those looking to expand their vacation horizons.

Kerri & Derek’s Disney Adventures

Kerri discusses her magical Birthday celebration where she could use her DVC points to book a night at a Polynesian Bungalow and the magic around this amazing night!

Derek shared his recent experiences staying at Boulder Ridge. Derek’s stay highlighted why Boulder Ridge remains a favorite among many DVC members.

Special Guest: Owen Deboer

We were thrilled to have Owen Deboer join us in this episode. As Derek’s son, Owen has spent the last 19 years vacationing with DVC, making him an expert in his own right. He shared his favorite resort, Boardwalk and all of the amazing years of memories had there. Owen also revealed his dream splurge vacation choice – a luxurious stay at Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii.

One of the most insightful parts of Owen’s interview was his thoughts on whether he would join DVC as an adult with his future family. Owen expressed a strong desire to continue the tradition, highlighting the value and magic that DVC has brought to his life. He also comes at it from a finance perspective brining in the value of his Disney stays and how easy it is to break even on a Disney Vacation Club Membership.

Owen’s story was a heartfelt reminder of the lasting impact DVC can have on a family. His experiences and memories exemplify the generational appeal of DVC membership. As we wrapped up the episode, we reflected on the importance of making memories that span generations and how DVC plays a vital role in creating those magical moments.

We’ll See Ya Real Soon!

Episode 39 was packed with valuable insights, heartfelt stories, and exciting updates. Owen Deboer’s perspective on growing up as a DVC member provided a unique and touching view into the lifelong benefits of DVC ownership. Whether you’re a long-time member or considering joining, this episode offers something for everyone. Don’t forget to watch the full episode, like, comment, and subscribe for more tips and stories from the world of DVC. Until next time, happy travels and see you real soon!

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