Join us for Episode 38 of the World of DVC Show! In this episode, we explore the ins and outs of choosing your perfect DVC home resort. From prime locations and the importance of Home Resort Priority to the economics of buying at a DVC Home Resort for the best overall value. Our hosts Derek, Marissa & Kerri are here to share their expert insights, personal stories, and a few regrets to help guide you on your journey.

Why Your Home Resort Matters

Your DVC home resort is more than just a place to stay—it’s the foundation of your Disney vacation experiences. Each resort offers unique benefits. Some people look at Home Resort simply for the Home Resort Priority giving you 8-11 months in advance to book that location while others who are not as concerned about priority or perhaps don’t book any earlier than the 7-month window tend to look for a Home Resort that is the best value for money such as purchase price, deed length and annual dues at that location.

Personal Stories from Derek, Marissa, and Kerri

Our hosts share their personal journeys in choosing their home resorts:

Derek’s Story:
Derek and his wife, Annie, first explored Disney Vacation Club in the early 1990s. Ready to join, they realized the timing was off as they were about to buy a house. However, their fantastic DVC sales agent stayed in touch, and they eventually joined DVC at their beloved home resort, BoardWalk. Since then, they’ve created countless cherished Disney memories.

Marissa’s Story:
Marissa first experienced DVC at BoardWalk through her aunt’s membership. Later, while working for Disney Vacation Club, she considered joining herself. It wasn’t until COVID-19 hit that she decided to join, driven by the strong resale value and demand so she went with the Polynesian.

Kerri’s Story:
Kerri regretted not joining DVC when her friends did at an amazing cast member rate. Having worked for DVC directly with Disney and now with World of DVC, her favorite resort has always been the Grand Floridian. When Disney announced the new Sugar Loaf building’s availability, Kerri knew it was time to purchase a contract through DVC Resale Market, perfectly aligning with her upcoming big events.

Regrets and Lessons Learned

While their choices brought immense joy, our hosts also candidly discuss some regrets and lessons learned:

Derek wishes he had considered purchasing additional points at a different resort to enjoy a variety of experiences.
Marissa regrets not buying earlier in her life to take advantage of an amazing deal at the Grand Californian while working for Disney, and Kerri shares her thoughts on wishing she would have joined sooner!

Tips for Prospective Buyers

Choosing the right DVC home resort is a significant decision that can enhance your Disney vacations for years to come. By sharing their personal experiences and expert insights, Derek, Marissa, and Kerri hope to help you make an informed choice that brings magic to every stay.

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