Welcome to Episode 36 of the World of DVC Show! πŸŽ‰ This month, we’re diving deep into the world of Disney Vacation Club Points in 2024 from Buying, Renting or Selling we have got you covered!

Special Guest: Dani

Joining us for this lively discussion is Dani from the DVC Resale Market Team. 🌟 In this episode, we’re exploring everything from buying, selling, and renting DVC points to get the most out of your Disney Vacation Club experience.

Latest Happenings at Disney

But that’s not all! We’ll also reveal the answers to last week’s question about favorite DVC Pool locations and announce this month’s prize: a $100 Disney gift card!

Dani, Derek, and Kerri share their recent Disney adventures, with Dani captivating us with her stay in an Animal Kingdom Savannah view room and her tour of the 3-bedroom Grand Villa.

Where to Buy, Rent & Sell DVC in 2024:

Then, we tackle the burning questions:

The best resort to BUY a DVC Resale Contract at
The best resort to RENT OUT your DVC points at if you are a DVC Member
The best resort to RENT points at for a DVC stay
The best resort to SELL your DVC contract at

Make sure you tune in to hear all of the great answers the team has on each of these questions!

We’ll See Ya Real Soon!

Stay tuned for all the insights and opinions on these questions! Whether you’re a seasoned DVC member or a Disney enthusiast, this episode is a must-watch. As always, “We’ll See Ya Real Soon!

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