We’re getting the band back together!” & The 2021 Disney East Coast vs Disney West Coast Battle w special guest Andy Berry! Tune in to see if Disneyland or Disneyworld wins and make sure to leave the team a comment on why you think your favorite Disney location should be #1.

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In the 4th episode of the World of DVC Show

Derek returns to join Marissa & Kerri as they share great market updates all around The World of DVC (and continue to rave about last month’s “Jingle Team” episode). Marissa also discusses the big news happening at World of DVC the launch of the Monera website. Monerafinancial.com is getting a much needed makeover, pixie dust and all and will be scheduled to launch Aug, 11 2021!

Listen closely to the show as the team provides details on how YOU can win the coveted Add-On-Itis shirt! If you have been waiting to get one we must say its going to be pretty easy!

Special Guest: Andy Berry

Through the magic of Zoom they’re joined on the West Coast by DVC Resale Market West Coast Ambassador, Andy Berry as he shares his great Disney history and some of his favorite Disney memories.

Let the Battle Begin

With a “Lets Get Ready to Rumble!” battle cry everyone plays a friendly and passionate discussion of why Walt Disney World is better than Disneyland (and vice versa) – The team calms down enough to go around and tell a favorite memory at their favorite Disney location and why its near and dear to their hearts. Ending off there is a special “Disneyland This or That” w Andy and we drift to show close with another great “Storytime w Sue.”

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