World of DVC Show Episode 2: A Founding Member of DVC, 30 year old shirt & Meeting Walt Disney.

In the 2nd episode of the World of DVC Show (after gushing over that incredible opening jingle yet again) we welcome the amazing Sue Saunders from the DVC Resale Market!

Story Time with Sue

Sue shares some goosebump-producing Disney stories including being one of the Founding Members of Disney Vacation Club dating way back to 1991.  Sue continues more great stories from her Journey throughout the Walt Disney Company that finally led her to us here at the World of DVC, yay!  Finally, Sue ‘drops the mic’ while sharing her favorite Disney memory of all time which involved meeting Walt Disney himself (not a typo) that leaves Kerri & Derek speechless, and the team decides to create “Story Time with Sue” as a feature segment in upcoming World of DVC Episodes!

Market Updates & The “This or That” Game

Derek shares how his “Grand” 25th anniversary experience was last month all while being taunted for wearing a 30 year old Disney shirt. Sue walks everyone through how easy it was to sell some of her DVC contracts with the DVC Resale Market and how she’s very happy to to spend that extra money on other things like booking the DVC Inaugural Disney Wish cruise in 2022. Kerri provides some great insight about the DVC Rental Store’s “Cruise Swap” program and Derek shares some awesome news from Monera Financial’s new credit check option.

The team plays “Disney This or That” using audience questions and learns a lot about each other in the process, make sure to watch until the end to see if your “This or That” question was answered and if you are the winner of the amazing Add-On-Itis T-shirt!

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    Mark Benjamin — January 21, 2022 at 9:32 pm

    It is an honor for me to be the first one to comment on this episode. I am a farmer in Michigan who had a lot of help from friends getting my corn maze business going. I was blessed to be able to take my kids to Disney World several times as they grew up. I recently became DVC member through DVC Resale Market as covid shutdowns started. I wanted to add more points to be able to let my friends use DVC; who would likely never be able to afford a trip on their own. I contacted DVC Resale Market about a BLT contract I saw listed. It was Sue who answered my inquiry. After telling “the DVC Resale market agent” what I was doing. I was Pixie Dusted. Sue then called me and told me the contract I was inquiring about was actually her own personal contract. Understanding what I was intending to do she said that contract had to go to me and she sold it to me at a special price. This old farmer had tears in his eyes upon hearing this. Well one of those friends who helps me had a car die on the road this fall and a furnace go out. They were going to have to postpone a Disney trip with their kids another couple years. Well, that contract Sue sold me will be hosting that family in Dec. 2023.

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