On this must watch episode the team focuses on Buying DVC Resale and all the tips and tricks involved. Marissa, Derek & Kerri welcome Senior Sales Agent Jodi Gross from the DVC Resale Market to talk all about being the first agent hired to work at the DVC Resale Market!

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In the 15th episode of the World of DVC Show…

The World of DVC Team are back together again in the studio and share what it was like on their Disney VIP tour they all recently took (well Derek took 1 while apparently Marissa & Kerri got to go on 2 VIP tours ;). If you have never done a VIP Tour before it may just be the best way to do Disney. Make sure to head on over to DVC Rental Store to see how you can book a discounted VIP Tour.

Market Updates, Prizes & World of DVC Member Perks

The team shares exciting market updates including the incredible response to the new Point Swap program, they announce the return of prizes (that’s right, prizes, not just 1 prize this month!) and continue the debate on if the popular bean bag game is called “Bags” or “Cornhole” (let us know your thoughts in the comments!) As well as an exciting new World of DVC Perks program for all DVC Resale Market buyers.

Special Guest: Jodi Gross

Jodi shares a little history on how she went from being a DVC guide with Disney to becoming the first agent hired at the DVC Resale Market back in 2014! They discuss watching the company grow from just 3 people doing everything to being now the #1 DVC resale company in the entire world!

How to Buy DVC Resale

The ladies take the audience through the entire process of buying a DVC Resale Contract. From before making an offer, covering right of first refusal, average sales, and all the way up until the points are deposited and great tips along the way!

This or That & Story Time with Sue

Jodi, Marissa & Kerri play a special version of This or That and flow right into another magical Storytime with Sue! If you want Sue to read one of your stories on the next episode be sure to email [email protected]. This special 15th episode is one you def do not want to miss & make sure to SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss a minute of this episode!

See Ya Real Soon!

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DVC Resale Market is the largest broker of DVC resale contracts in the world! https://www.dvcresalemarket.com

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    Robert Rescigno — July 28, 2022 at 8:38 pm

    Just found your podcast and love it. Kerri is the best!!! But Marissa and Derek (aka Donald) are awesome too. Keep up the great work and providing us with great information. Thanks

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